What our residents have to say, says it all!


“When you’re used to doing so much for other people and you find yourself alone, there’s a big empty space. Here, I don’t feel lonely. This is home.” – Frances

“I fell in love with Diamond Terrace.” – Lora

“I like everything about living here. I have no worries or pressures. I don’t feel lonely. I like it better than if I was living alone.” – Ozzie

“After living alone for 10 years, Diamond Terrace seems like heaven–a huge, beautiful family to be a part of.” -Arliss

“I sleep great knowing how safe I am here in my new home at Diamond Terrace” –Arlene

“What can I say? I love it here. It’s just so homey. This is the best place for me.” – Clara

“I’m from a small town in Missouri and knew everyone. Living at Diamond Terrace reminds me of the town I grew up in.” –Lucy

“What I love about living at Diamond Terrace is that I don’t have to buy groceries, cook meals, or clean up afterward. I can go to as many parties as I want.” – Marie

“I didn’t think that at my age I’d be making new friendships!” – Lorraine

“The thing I love is that I have lots of opportunities to participate in all kinds of activities and still have privacy and independence.” – Dolores

“I never dreamed I’d be this happy again.” –Wilma

“Coming from Indiana, what I like best is the friendly and helpful residents and staff, the variety of activities, the beautiful scenery, and the weather!” –Winnie

“I love everything about living here. The outings are fun, the meals are wonderful, and there are always so many ways to spend your time.” – Dottie

“At Diamond Terrace the atmosphere is great. The people are friendly. I could not find a better place to live where I can be myself.” –Loretta

“Living at Diamond Terrace makes me feel at ease and that I am home.” –Tudy